There’s nothing wrong with making sure you make free time for yourself in your schedule so you can rest and take time out.

Making space for ourselves is the healthy way to balance responsibility and personal satisfaction.

We live in a busy world. Adulting has become a slang term for being responsible and taking care of long lists of daily chores including working, raising families, maintaining friendships and healthy relationships.

That doesn’t leave a lot of free time. When we do get a bit of downtime, it’s often used to catch up on things there wasn’t enough time for in our regular day.

What should be time to refresh and regroup, becomes a period crammed full of responsibility. It’s important to leave space in our schedules and it’s vital to make your free time me time too.

Protecting yourself from distractions and interruptions is important. If you don’t guard your free time people may not respect it. Set limits during your day to make sure people don’t disrupt you.

Here are some great tips for making certain your free time is yours to enjoy.

Routines help family respect free time.

Your family will be better equipped to support your free time when you make it a routine part of your… and their… lives. Creating habits of leisure time helps your family predict when you’ll be taking uninterrupted time for yourself and normalize it.

This helps keep them from distracting or interrupting. An example could be taking 30 minutes in the afternoon for yourself while your children enjoy an activity. Doing this daily creates a predictable routine that kids grow to expect and consider normal.

Empower others to care for themselves.

Many people who don’t have enough free time to practice self-care are reluctant to delegate or macro-manage. Allowing others to care for their own needs and encouraging those around you to take responsibilities helps create space in your schedule.

The more you normalize free time and encourage every member of your family to take time out, the easier it will be.

If you let others have the opportunity to pursue their own interest and get some peace and quiet doing what they love will help them see the value of giving you your own space and they will be more likely to respect the practice.


Self-care is proven to refresh and reinvigorate our tired bodies and minds. Taking time to care for ourselves keeps our energy up and makes it possible to handle our responsibilities.

Taking time out is an important part of your day. You will simply implode if you don’t take some time for yourself to recover from the demands of daily life. That time should be distraction free and filled with things you love.

Normalize free time and protect it so it’s a regular part of your household routine.

One way I recommend to relax is to take up colouring. It has been proven that adult colouring books can have an anti-stress impact on people and can soothe the mind.

Colouring in images such as Mandalas or fantasy images requires a lot of attention and concentration and lets you express your feelings through colouring, and creates a sense of accomplishment.

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