Go outside and play- a phrase most adults recall from childhood. The importance of play doesn’t end when we reach adulthood, but remains a vital way to stay young and young at heart. Play is important at any age.

Play is a wonderful way to distract us from our busy lives. With so many things making demands on our time, it’s easy to forgo play for responsibility.

This leaves little time to explore, create, and use our minds in valuable ways. AS we get older, it’s important to keep play a part of everyday life. We can all imagine the benefits of play for children, but many of those benefits apply to adults.

Why Play Is Important at Any Age.

play is important

Play improves memory and preserves the mind.

It can help stave off mental decline and keep our minds sharp. Learning new things, expressing ourselves in creative ways, and engaging in activities that spark joy help the mind stay clear and focused.

As a child, play helps synapses form and the brain to grow. As adults, play helps prevent the mental decline that comes from living a sedentary lifestyle.

Play boosts creativity-

Being playful is energizing and boost creativity. The more you play, the more creative you become. Learning new techniques, tips, tools, ways to express yourself actually helps you grow mentally.

It is refreshing to explore an interest and play around doing creative things that bring you joy.

Play significantly reduces stress –

Rest is wonderful when you are stressed, but being playful can actually be more beneficial. Doing an activity that is fun releases endorphins which help your mind and body feel good.

This won’t happen lying on the couch! Enjoying a fun activity and playing can improve your mental health.

Play helps with self-discovery-

Learning who we are is an evolution that comes from having experiences and learning new preferences. You won’t know if skydiving is a passion if you never jump out of a plane.

Play can help us discover who we are and what we love simply by getting out and doing something fun.

Play improves relationships-

A playful mindset helps improve relationships. People enjoy being around folks they like. Having a playful and wonderous mind makes it easier to get to know people and enjoy their company while having fun.


Being playful should not be limited to childhood. Having fun, laughing, enjoying activities and self-expression through play is important for children and adults. Engaging in play is important for babies, the elderly, and everyone in between. Play is important at any age. There is no age limit for having a great time.

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